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Individual Photoshoot:


An individual photoshoot is a more intimate choice, creating memories for a lifetime. You and your horse(s) together in a photo series you will cherish for the rest of your life. We find the most beautiful spots nearby and create stunning photos of you and/or your best friend. If you rather would like to bring your horse to a place more scenic (a beach, a garden, a field of flowers) I can help with obtaining permits.

An Individual Photoshoot includes:
- 60-90 minutes of photographing
- 1-2 outfit changes (totally optional)
- Retouch of 10 carefully selected photos


Choose between:
10 Low resolution (websized) files suited for internet & social media: 2.400 NOK
10 High resolution files suited for printing (includes websized files):   9.200 NOK


Poetry In Motion Photoshoot:

This photoshoot is dedicated to your horse and motion fine art suited for your walls at home. We use an already existing enclosure or we can lunge your horse in a spacious and picturesque area.  If you wish to, you can transport your horse to any other area (I will help you collect permissions if necessary). Still-portraits are also included.

A Poetry in Motion photoshoot includes:
- Suited for 1-4 horses
- 60-90 minutes of photographing
- Retouch of 8 carefully selected photos.


Choose between:

8 Low resolution (websized) files suited for internet & social media: 1.900 NOK

8 High resolution files suited for printing (includes websized files):   8.200 NOK


* This applies for all photoshoots: When you book your session you'll receive a PDF with all the information you need beforehand. This includes; what to wear, how to prepare your horse and general info about what happens before, during and after the photoshoot.

* The small print: web-sized images are delivered in 960px on the longer side for vertical and 1200px for horizontal with a watermark. Travel expenses: 3.50 NOK per kilometer return trip + tolls if there are any.