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Funny Fail Compilation 2015

2015 has truly been a wonderful year! I have photographed dozens of horses and horses with their beloved owners. After a photoshoot I'm always very eager to have a look at the result, and sometimes that can give a good laugh ;) So, I have decided to share some of those laughs and smiles with you! Happy New Year!

I have not edited these photos, so you'll see them as they originally are :)

Ingvild and Maia are clearly laughing at something very funny :)

I caught Buttercup at a very silly moment. He was cantering in full speed towards me, and suddenly he changed his mind and went straight left :D Very pretty!

Max and Stine is about to go swimming, and Max is being goofy about it :p

And talking about swimming.. Finorio is being a stallion!

At the end of our photoshoot with Corona, Pernille and her husband Joakim - Corona figured it would be cool to go solo! She took a few rounds, spooked a bike rider so he ended up in the ditch and finally let her self be catched by Pernille. I think she thought she was pretty rad!

Here they are all three of them :) Corona clearly wants that bouquet!

Don't really know if she's just kidding around or if she's shaking her head from insects. But how cute!

This one speaks for itself! I guess there were some pretty annoying insects here for Tap to look this silly :)

Summertime gives a lot of funny pictures due to all these insects :p

Tirana is doing her best, looking really smashing! Lipton on the other hand.. Bored :p

Granero is pretending he can fly!

Pretty cute, don't you think? :)

Little did the girls know, Herikos has the kodak smile!

Baco is trying to eat my model! He looks kinda guilty too ;)

Here is another model who also almost got eaten :p Janne is trying to get Tanamara & Harley's attention with food in her hands!

Olya is slighty distracted by Tirana's get-off-silly-insects-shake! Not so smashing here, Tirana!

Another elegant pose. Epá is looking very graceful! Just like the photo of him below..

This horse really can do anything!

Food is an important part of a horse' life...

But this little girl likes mud the best!

Here she is again! She was supposed to stay close to her mama, for a portrait of the two of them togheter. But then she went all Buttercup and started running towards me, suddenly changing her mind for a hard, left turn :p

Foals are the cutest :D Especially when they're this small!

Teddy doesn't really know when to stop yet :p

I was suppose to have all three of them lined up for a portrait, but Cindy just keeps wandering off. The little girl is obviously having a lot of fun anyways :D

Dressage is usually very elegant and fancy to look at. Just not all the time :p

And this is definately not dressage! Lipton is practising his gymnastics!

Gymnastics you said? Let's stretch!

Not everyone wants to make pretty for the camera.. :)

Peekaboo! Such a sweet photo of Marthe & Harley :)

Nadia is finding her balance while Stjarna treats herself to a snack!

Almost every girl gets a kiss from their horse during the photoshoot :)

Did someone say smooch?

This pony really is the star of the blog! Twiggy is her name, and she is by far the cutest, silliest most goofy pony of 2015 ! Looking forward to all the epic failures of 2016 :)

Thank you for reading!


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