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I am moving abroad!

It's a fact - is moving abroad. Me and my boyfriend have been thinking about it for a while, and now the decision has been made - We're moving to Portugal! The one way ticket is dated 29th of August and we'll be staying in Lisboa for a year. I can't wait :D

Miguel Da Fonseca (World Champion in Working Equitation) and his horse Zaxixe. We had a wonderful photo session at the beach during the sunset.

So - what am I going to do in Portugal?! That's the best part! I'm going to arrange my Equine Photo Workshop there. It will be primarily for Scandinavians (NO, SE, DK) so that no one has to worry about the language. Portugal has so much to offer when it comes to beautiful horses and beautiful scenery. It will be the perfect location. Portugal is cheaper in acommodation, food and travel than many other countries, and the climate is wonderful.

How do you feel about 5 days with sun, warmth, horses, photographing, riding, swimming, learning about photography and image processing? And at the same time you can speak your own language, making it easier to learn everything! My first Equine Photo Workshop is being held in Oslo in July and I will be taking a lot of experience from that to build my workshop in Portugal.

Helene was the one who booked me for the stay in Portugal last year. Here with her beautiful horse Epá.

Ofcourse I will continue to take photos, both of horses and clients. I will be coming home to Oslo & Skien every other month for a week or so at a time and do scheduled photosessions. On my website there will be an online calendar showing what times I am available, so if you are planning on getting a photoshoot with you and your horse be quick, because I can't take on as many as before :) The dates for when I will be in Norway will be announced on my FB page aswell.

Lykeios, a 25 year old stallion at Granja Abbatiale in Alcobaca.

I'm truly excited about this, and I believe it will be an amazing year! I will try to keep you updated on what's happening here on my blog, but I will for sure continue to post my photos on Facebook. I can't wait to get my hands on all those gorgeous Lusitanos! :) Wish me luck <3

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