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Model shoot with P.R.E and Pinto

Hello guys!

So, I've finally decided to start writing a little bit about my photoshoots, and mainly those I create for my portfolio. Some of you who have followed me for a while knows that every spring and autumn I have a photoshoot with handpicked horses and a model. Tomorrow will be the 4th model shoot and I thought I'd try something a little bit different :)

The previous shoots have all been kind of romantic, with girls in pretty dresses. This is going to change. I have found a gorgeous, alternative model with lots of beautiful tattoos. She goes under the name "Marion Massacre" and lives here in Oslo. Sounds a bit more drastic than it is ;) The look and feel of the photos should be a bit more playful and maybe even dark at times. But mainly we're just looking to have some fun! The result will hopefully reflect on that.

Marion has worked as a model for several years, and I'm looking forward to learning from her experience. Allthough she does not have any particular experience with horses, so maybe we'll have to teach her a thing or two aswell ;) The horses participating in this shoot is the wonderful P.R.E (Pura Raza Espanõla) Baco and the very handsome Pinto Duke.

Baco is quite the youngster. He's 6 years old and was imported from Spain 2 years ago by his owner Lisa. She uses him for Academic riding, treks, liberty training and a little bit of classic dressage.

Baco. Copyright: Thea Kristine Nilsen

Duke is a 12 year old gelding owned by Thea. Duke is rather versatile as Thea uses him for Academic riding, show jumping, carriage and treks :) Thea has had him for a little more than 2 years.

Duke. Copyright; Lisa Jeanette Grimnes

- Hopefully they'll go easy on Marion ;)

Here are their usernames for those of you who want to check out their Instragram account:

Model Marion: missmarionmassacre

Lisa & Baco: lisagrimnes

Thea & Duke: theakrnilsen

Sophi's Hobbyshop is lending us two beautiful browbands made especially for this photoshoot.

(By the way, these browbands will be for sale at her Facebook page after the photoshoot!)

Photos by Sophi's Hobbyshop

Stay tuned for the very first photos tomorrow :)

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